Getting Started

There are many resource for newcomers to Hyku and contributors to the community.

Hyku User Documentation

The Hyku user documentation explains more about Hyku and its features, including an in-depth user orientation.

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Hyku Developers

As an open source software solution, Hyku's code is freely available on Github. The ReadMe includes information on setting up your environment, deploying the application, and running the stack.

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Current Releases and Features

The Hyku release notes are kept up to date with new and pending release details, including new features, bug fixes, and component updates.

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Hyku vs. Hyrax

Hyrax is a Samvera Community Rails engine that creates a repository application. Hyku is the polished, turn-key repository solution built on Hyrax. Hyku offers the functionality of Hyrax in a ready-to-use application, while Hyrax can often be a better choice for repositories that require significant customization. Read more about the differences between Hyrax and Hyku in the Hyku Documentation.

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Hyku is a solution of the Samvera Community. Learn more about Samvera at

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Hosted Solutions

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