Hyku has a new presence on YouTube! This channel was created with the goal of creating feature demos that communicate Hyku as an approachable repository solution for potential adopters. It is a collaborative effort, currently showcasing demos created by Amanda Hurford at PALNI and Kevin Kochanski at Notch8. Anyone in the community is invited to contribute material. Our initial goal is to offer a single-point location for Hyku’s most fundamental features, but in the future it may expand to technical demos and other material. We invite contributions from anyone working in Hyku - user or developer side - so please reach out if you want to collaborate on content.

Our hope is that these videos will help galvanize visibility around the features it brings in from Hyrax while highlighting what makes Hyku unique and easy to use. Many current Hyku projects promise to make signification additions to Hyku’s core features, and we look forward to growing this channel with content around those features as they are shared with the community.

For a look at the earlier history in the development of Hyku, the original Hydra-in-a-Box YouTube channel is still online.