After an invigorating week at LDCX and Samvera community meetings, the Hydra-in-a-Box technical team hit the ground running on Monday in what was our second development sprint. We’ll be sharing our progress via weekly demonstrations, the first of which is now available.

The first milestone for the current series of sprints is June 1st, 2016, at which time we plan to demonstrate a multi-tenant Hydra-in-a-Box repository application deployed to Amazon Web Services, which:

  • supports the management of top-priority content types: image-based works and generic multi-file works
  • offers a user interface for dynamic configuration of the application (without having to touch code files)
  • provides an administrative dashboard with reporting widgets
  • allows for batch import of content and metadata

Our tickets for the above feature work are viewable on Waffle and the application code is in a Samvera Labs repository on GitHub. The team is also actively working with the Samvera community on tickets for the Sufia 7.0.0 release.

We’ll be sharing these weekly demos here on the blog every Friday. Stay tuned for more and, in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to let us know what’s on your mind such as how to make these demos more useful to you.